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Our advantage

All products use high gradealuminum with elaborate tooling design by our engineers. Our products' quality, performance,appearance have achieved orexceeded equivalent international standards.

We constantly perfect our products through deploying scientific management system and applying international advanced technology

Our competitiveness is greatly enhanced through integrated productresearchand development, reasonable pricing and prompt reaction to customer requirements.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through outstanding after-sale service by our local offices in major cities in China. We promisetoapply" Three Guarantees" to all our products and services.

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Company Profile

Lintai Hardware is a Shenzhen based company focusing on aluminum casing and cabinet design, manufacturing and marketing for electricity, communications, network and PCB'A installation facility. We have extensive experience on hardware for communications industry, machining and well established brand and service network all over China. We are proud of our professional management and technical service team providing satisfactory customer services and top quality products. We have a large number of staff who have serious and creative work attitude, and they are the most valuable asset to our company, which constitutes the foundation and motivates us to develop and grow. Our management team encourages each individual to have his or her own career plan and work hard to have it realized by positively aspirating the concept "base on the enterprise and return to the Society" to daily work. The team is committed to the company's development by constantly providing good suggestions for continuous improvement Quality and technology are our development strategy implemented through constant new equipment upgrade and technology investment. We use advanced 3D modeling technicals during product development and samples making. With that, the lead time to mass production is greatly shortened and precision is maintained. Certified by several international quality management system, we have over ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing communications equipment casing and cabinet. Our factory has a good number of high precision measurement system, CNC machining center and high speed stamping machine, NC bending machine, digital hydraulic cutting machine, NC milling machine and other general machines for welding, drilling, bending and riveting to ensure reliable quality. We can offer maximum customer satisfaction by our flexible production lines such as sheet metal, machining and casing production lines. We uphold the management concept "care about customer needs, create characteristic advantage, establish brand image, continuously improve" to cast our brand, provide our best service, abide by all commercial credit and to innovate our products, so that we can be a modern enterprise with great competitiveness. Our products are based on aluminum or aluminum/ magnesium alloy extrusions buy utilizing high precision tooling, numerical control facility, high precision measurement equipment. Our products comply with GB 3047.1- 86, panel, rack and cabinet basic dimensions series section 2 specified rack, plug-in board casing, plug-ins' fundamental dimensions and international standard IEC297-3, 482.6mm(19in) series mechanical dimensions section 3: plug-in casing and its corresponding plug-ins. With excellent design and functional performance, all modularized components are easy for assembly. In any circumstances, your are satisfied by our design and surface treatment such as oxidation, hair brushing, spray paint and stoving vanish. We recently developed new industry-used Compact PCI casing, EMC/ ESD functional casing, waterproof and/ or dust proof specialized casing. We have strong technical capability and can design to different specifications to fulfill all functional requirements of PCB plug-in casing, i.e. research -development -manufacturing. other than that, we can fabricate various kinds of components for specific customer needs. Lintai series products have gained old and new customers' trust through good credit, quality service, excellent product quality. Today, our marketing has been throughout China, and we sincerely hope that we can co-develop with your company, believing that we can be of your best partner.

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